Saturday, August 9, 2008

The Return of the Rain and Happy Endings

So we made it back from camp a little damp but with full hearts! After returning to the mountain we had a clear evening on Wednesday and a lovely morning on Thursday but by about 1o:30 we saw the return of the rain. And rain (and hail) it did. For about 5 hours. The girls and leaders made the best of it but we had to stay put in our tents for much of the storm and just try to keep dry. It was another edition of 'a River Runs Through It" . Really it was hard and cold and wet, but all in all it was a wonderful experience and I think we all learned much. The girls were fabulous. They were spirited and crazy but also reverent at all the right moments which made me very emotional to say the least.
This year was the first time in years I got to go to camp as, in Sunny's terminology 'a low lever leader'. Anyhow I had the best time just doing what I was asked to do and what needed to be done, but not needing to make any decisions. This allowed me to spend lots of time just hanging out with the girls and yes, pranking others at camp! It was such fun helping Millie and the other first years in many a good prank! The best of all...stealing Kristie's orange pants! I was even blamed for a few pranks I had nothing to do with, like hanging a fake deer from the zip line, or stealing Dee's clothes from the shower. But alas, that is what happens. Last night we enjoyed our testimony meeting and it was so good to listen to both Millie and Jenna as they sat in that circle of their friends and leaders. I am grateful for both of these little girls and so grateful that I was able to share this with them.
Today we took down all of our soggy tents and headed back to the valley. It is good to be home but I will remember this year at camp fondly.
Doug called today and said the Scout trip to the Channel Islands was fantastic and provided an experience that went well beyond his expectations. They snorkeled, kayaked, swam and explored underwater caves. He said they hiked up to a point where they could watch the sun set and had a fireside that was tremendous. This is a photo of where they were. To make a wonderful trip even better, Joey, Wes, Garrett Doug and Doug Winters left at the close of the scout camp and headed down to Newport Beach so our boys could compete in a lacrosse tournament. They won the championship and Joe played great scoring 3 or 4 goals each game with an equal number of assists. Tonight they are headed off to a Riptide game to watch some Major League Lax. They will be heading home late, late tonight. Doug said Joe about died of joy last night when they realized they were staying at the same hotel as the Riptide players. The team members were autographing balls and the like for Joe and his pals.
Oh, and I am loving my new camera. I took a ton of pictures at camp. I posted a few here and will put in a slide show of the rest.
As for now, I am going to bed early tonight. I think over the past 4 days I have had a total of 8 hours sleep. Oh well, I can catch up! We love Camp Stimson!


shaultnt said...

Cool pictures. I love Millie's hair all curly. So cute!!!

jenn said...

Loved the photos!! Was that Mallory or Taylor in your camp slide show? Did Megan Salt go? Is Rebecca interested in the gospel at all? What was the stake theme for camp... how did TMNT fit it? I know too many questions. Love you guys!!


Images from Camp 2008