Saturday, August 23, 2008

Goodbye Summer!

The things I will miss:

1. Staying up late with out a thought as to the next morning's alarm. (Like this night at the Breaking Dawn Party!)
2. Bare feet
3. Flip flops: Back to school means for eight hours each day I have to wear real shoes!
4. Being the only one awake for the first hour or so of my day. Doug leaves before I get up but when I do I get the house to myself for an hour or more before the kids arise.5. Phone calls: I really can't talk to Dee or Sunny all day long? Impossible!

6. Joey's shaggy hair: He reminds me of Moondoggy on the old Gidget movies. Remember how he came to pick Francis(aka Gidget) up for a blind date after summer was over. If you saw the movie you get my point. Here he is all cleaned up and ready for school.7. Millie's tan. Yes she does get a little bit less whitish blue in the summer.

8. Summer reading. No not the school kind. Just enjoying books with out feeling like I should be doing 200 other things.

9. Traveling. Even though we didn't venture too far from home this year, we still got away plenty.

10. Getting paid while not working. I know it sounds almost too good to be true, but it is one of the terrific things about teaching. Be it July or January, my paycheck just keeps coming.


Scott, Lyric, & Co. said...

I just LOVE your family blog. I stop by everyday so I decided I should make a comment to let you know Its GREAT!!!!


The VIPs said...

way, way cute post. Such a cute idea. by the way, I'm suscribing to your blog. Not sure how it works yet it's official: I'm a fan of your blog.

The VIPs said...

also- I hope you returning to school doesn't mean the end of your frequent blogging. I'm a stay at home mom with not much else to do but check your blog and leave silly comments on every single post- You've got to keep writing!!

jenn said...

What a great idea for a post!
The kids look wonderful - and more mature...


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